Care Guide (for products)


At PhD, we make sure to be mindful of each and every product is the best quality!

But with quality, comes high maintenance, which is why we recommend you to follow our care guide down below



How to Store your Garments?

  • The garments are advised to be stored in garment bags, coverings, and pouches that are provided along with the garment.

  • Please store the garments in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

  • In case of heavily embroidered garments, please make sure to store them away in a properly ventilated space. Please do not store embroidered garments in plastic bags or coverings, as it might build up moisture in the clothing causing mold and fungus.

  • Garments that are heavily weighted (e.g bridal lehengas, flares, co-ords etc) are advised be folded with parchment paper placed in between the folds to avoid stretching and tear that could be caused by hanging such garments.

Fabric Care 

  • Please avoid putting garments under sunlight, the spotlight as it may lead to discoloration.

  • Please refrain from using a flat iron, only use steam on the reverse side of the fabric to avoid damage to the fabric

Cleaning Instructions 

  • All PhD garments are only suitable for Dry Washing/ Dry-Clean Only.

  • Any damages/ colour fades/ embroidery material damage/ embroidery material colour fade that happens either over time or via rough use or post dry-clean, PhD is not responsible for the same. As all our garments are Dry-Clean tested by Dry-Clean experts. 


How to Store your Bows/Belts?

  • Make sure to store the bows/belts in a cool and dry space, and away from direct light and/or heat and extreme temperatures. Using storage bags is highly recommended.

  • Please keep the belts away from any moist environment such as rain, alcohol, chlorine, or any other liquids to avoid rusting and discoloration.

  • Airing embroidered fabrics and faux leather once every two weeks is recommended to avoid tarnishing.

Fabric Care

  • We make sure to use the highest quality raw materials for all our accessories so it is recommended that the products are taken well care of and stored as per our care instructions

Cleaning Instructions

  • It is recommended to let the bags dry naturally instead of putting them under direct sunlight.

  • Any surface dirt/dust could be cleaned by using a soft cloth/brush.


Embroidery Care Guide

  • Please store all embroidered products in a cool, dry place, away from any form of moisture.

  • Exposure to steam and heat must be refrained to avoid discoloration and rusting.

  • To avoid any form of surface damage such as rusting or discoloration, please make sure to avoid heat exposure at all costs

  • Cleansing agents such as soap, detergent, toothpaste, etc are to be strictly avoided.

  • While folding embroidery kindly keep white papers (with no ink/print) in between/around the embroidery so that the embroidery does not damage the fabric due to the way its folded and kept.



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