Style Guide


A lot of our PhD garments/accessories are constructed to be multifunctional and can be styled in a number of unique ways. In case the garment purchased is multifunctional, you will receive a detailed styling guide to help you choose your preferred style.


Bags and Accessories:

  • Pair up the look with no more than two/three heavy accessories. It is recommended to balance out outfits along with accessories to make them more appealing to the eye. But regardless, one could always go overboard with it if they’re feeling extra!

  • In case of wearing exaggerated clothes, it is recommended to avoid wearing loud accessories.

  • One can always go for contrast colours when it comes to choosing the right shade of colours for shoes and bags.



  • We suggest you stick to one color palette and distribute it evenly.

  • Consider choosing one of your accessories and matching your lipstick or eyeshadow to that particular item.

  • Using a light hand to apply eyeshadow or lipstick in complementary shades (according to the outfit) is advised.

  • Focus on a small item instead of a full piece of clothing, you will also be coordinated in a way that is even more polished than matching your face to your entire outfit.


Please note

This is just a general styling guide that can help you choose the direction of how your outfit can be styled!


For any further queries/advice please feel free to email us at